Customer Segments


Phoenix FS provides physical guarding of sites 24 hours a day, but also provides the design and installation of all the access, security and fire-safety systems in any new construction. Our clients include homes, retail stores (big and small), plants, photovoltaic parks etc.


Museums, theaters and massive cultural events (exhibitions, concerts, etc.) are covered by experienced in crowd management personnel. We also provide state of the art security systems and remote monitoring systems for exhibition areas as also other guarding means.


Among Phoenix FS customers we have Universities and Student Clubs to whom we provide physical guarding with staff specially trained to manage security issues in an environment with many young people.


Both large and smaller power plant units can be covered with physical guarding and by the use of the latest technology in remote control and monitoring systems. Our company provides particularly in the field of photovoltaic parks, security solutions with guarding personnel and remote monitoring systems for a complete control of the premises.


Phoenix FS has extensive experience in securing big events (sporting, artistic, cultural, conferences, etc.). With an emphasis on highly trained personnel we significantly contribute to the success of major and smaller events in order for them to be carried out smoothly and without any problems or complaints. Either by stable partnerships with event areas or in isolated cases of major events, Phoenix FS is the right partner.


Large financial institutions can find in Phoenix FS a trusted partner in security. With fully trained staff and with electronic systems that cover all the needs including from access systems and safe traps to panic buttons and other.


Large private and public hospitals trust in Phoenix FS the safety of their patients and staff. From controlling the entry points into the hospital up to the access procedure into surgery, our company can cover all the safety aspects of a larger or smaller hospital, health center or medical center.


The safety of customers becomes increasingly important for hotels. Our company can provide customized solutions for discreet security in locations like this.


Modern industrial units require sophisticated security systems by also combining manned and electronic security. Our company is able to provide complete solutions for small and large-sized units.


Phoenix FS trains its staff to cover any work required to support the operation of a modern office or an office complex (e.g. Reception, Security, etc.) and also offers all the required equipment that will ensure a smooth operation of the area (security, fire safety , access, staff timers, etc.)


The challenge of our times is the safety of public transport. In the context of modern requirements Phoenix FS provides personal guarding at public transport nodes (stations, etc.) and all the necessary electronic security equipment to monitor sites like that.


Houses, apartment complexes and holiday homes are in need of a modern electronic security system that is capable of monitoring from a distance. Whether it is a reliable alarm system that is connected to our alarm receiving center that will immediately notify the owner and the police in case of an incident, or a remote controlled system that the owner can access even from a smartphone, Phoenix FS has the solution. For the physical guarding of a home or a complex of apartments our customers know that our staff will find the effectiveness and discretion they require.