Customer Care

Customer care

customer care

Our company remains loyal to the rule "Security – Protection – Forethought", and has developed a unique, innovating and technologically sophisticated Customer Care Center, investing in edge technology equipment as well as experienced and well trained operators. Above factors secure that our customers receive constant and uncomplicated support (24/7), on the following services:

  1. Remote monitoring of the execution of works of the cleaning crews provided by our company, with the use of specialized software which controls the legal compliance of working hours, shift changes, proper equipment use, personnel substitution in case of sickness etc.
  2. Remote monitoring of the cleaning crew vehicles, with the use of a cartographic software which controls the exact position of the vehicles and drivers, as well as a protection software in case of emergency (accidents, etc).
  3. Full support of our customers in need of Emergency Medical Support or everyday care, with the use of specialized software which adapts to the particular care requirements of each patient (disabled patients, Alzheimer's patients, medication reminders etc).
  4. Remote steering of our Patrol Vehicles, in case of signal alarm from a customer, with the use of personalized software which includes the relevant information – specificities per customer, to ensure the fastest and safest intervention to the location under threat (residence, office building etc).
  5. Remote monitoring and handling of our security personnel and vehicles positioned at our customers' facilities, which will ensure the safest and most effective execution of their duties.
  6. Administration of Electronic Security Systems (burglary, fire, gas leak signals receipt, decoding, execution of orders and instructions), monitoring of critical measurements in our customers' facilities (ex. refrigerator temperatures in commercial facilities, water leaks in country homes, levels of temperature and humidity in sensitive product facilities) with the use of software tailored to individual facilities.
  7. Visual monitoring of our customers' facilities, with the use of existing or new CCTV systems, combined with existing or new Alarm Systems, in order to provide complete, safer and less costly solutions for the guarding of remote installations (PV plants, logistics warehouses etc.).

Our services are provided all over Greece, with carefully planned and certified procedures, for which our company holds an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate and an ELOT 1801:2008 Health and Safety Certificate.

The connection of existing or new Security Systems (Alarm, Fire, CCTV, BMS) to our Customer Care Center is put through by specialized and experienced technicians, in order to ensure the high and constant quality of communication with the use of all forms of connection (fixed telephone lines, wireless – mobile telephony, internet and satellite technology).

customer care