Events Security

Event Security, Security - Protection & Serving of spectators

Phoenix FS has well-trained staff to provide security services at events, namely:

  • Crowd Management (Behaviour - Basic knowledge of crowd psychology).
  • Basic knowledge of serving spectators and visitors.
  • The legal framework of the profession in Greece. Rights and obligations of the guardian - limitations of jurisdictions.
  • Ways to control entrance vouchers (tickets, invitations).
  • The main duties of the guardian in case of panic within the controlled area.
  • Providing instant first aid in an emergency.
  • Ways to prevent theft or malicious actions of guarded areas. Action and jurisdiction of security personnel in case of theft or malicious actions. Duties of the guard in case personal items have been found (purses, bags, cards).
  • Κάλυψη χώρων αποδυτηρίων (Αθλητών-Καλλιτεχνών).
  • Escort during an attendance or removal of athletes and artists.
  • Conduct of security personnel protecting a stage during a concert.

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